Things to consider before you buy a caravan

Things to consider before you buy a caravan

Why are static caravans so popular?

Static caravans are becoming increasingly popular as holiday makers look for alternative methods to get away. They provide a holiday home away from home that is always readily available and now caravan parks offer more and more activities, there has never been a better time to get in on the action.

Things to consider before you buy a static caravan – before you set off buying a caravan, there are a few things to bear in mind;

Berth – Berth refers to how many people can sleep in a caravan. Our caravans have anything from 6 right up to 8 berths. It’s important to know the size up front as it affects the options you have available to you.

Park Location – THE Location of your static caravan will make a huge difference to your holiday experience so be sure to look at several locations and find the one for you. Some things to think about are;

  • How often you plan to holiday
  • Whether you’ll be allowing friends and family to use it as well
  • What local attractions are nearby

The Park itself

Not only is the general location important but the park itself will take some thinking through. Different parks will suit each customer’s needs. Its is a good idea to visit several parks to get a sense of what a holiday could be like.

Running Costs

It is also good to think about how much running a caravan will cost before you part with your money to buy one. Some costs include;

  • Site Fees – ‘the rent’ for the plot of land your static caravan will live on. This can differ from park to park.
  • Power – whether you go with gas or electric power parks may charge different rates.
  • Insurance – you’ll need to insure your caravan and its contents so that is worth thinking about for the long term.

Once you’ve given that some thought and you’re ready to buy your static caravan, you’ve then got the question of a new or used caravan.

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